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Tariff - Ananda Ayurveda Retreat Villa Kovalam Resort.

Depending on the season these are the prices…

In order to reserve a place in Ananda Ayurveda Boutique, a payment of 300 € needs to be paid beforehand, the rest of the cost will be paid once arriving at the property.

Please Before making a reservation contact us :
Whatsapp:+ 918 9518 41652

Days Single Double Validity
14 Days 1700 Euros 2.235 Euros 1st April- Sep 2024
21 days 2.280 Euros 3180 Euros
14 days 1905 Euros 2445 Euros 1st Oct- 15th Nov
21 days 2708 Euros 3515 Euros
14 days 20155 Euros 2688 Euros 15 Nov- 19 jan 2025
21 days 3080 Euros 3885 Euros


A whitewashed room with a large balcony overlooking palm trees and a blue sky. There is a lounge chair and a small table with a vase and flowers on the balcony.
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