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The Villa
Boutique Ananda Ayurveda Beach villa in Kerala, India—”God’s Own Country”

Teachers Ayurveda treatment will tell you that to achieve the ideal outcomes you must practice with quiet and solitude. Our luxury five-bedroom Ayurvedic resort in Kerala lets you leave the noise and stress of modern life behind for your own gorgeous private refuge.

This boutique wellness retreat is a short and pleasant stroll from the beautiful Kovalam beach, and boasts authentic Kerala architecture along with the Very latest and most comfortable fixtures and fittings. In addition to the five bedrooms you’ll also find ample living space to explore and unwind in, Along with a large dining area and fully equipped kitchen.

The bright and sunny accommodations also include your own private swimming pool, which can enhance your physical exercises as part of your customized yoga training.

Your Stay With Us
Private family villa with Pool in Kovalam

The small, yet spacious, build of our villa means that we can offer one-one-one private and personalized treatments for you and any friends or family That accompany you.

Your personalized Ayurveda package includes daily massages for up to three guests, helping you to further relax and embrace a slower but healthier Pace of life.

Our dedicated team of experts includes your own doctor who will monitor implementation of your treatment every day that you’re with us. And the Doctor also recommends the best diet of vegetables and fruits for your needs, which we buy and supply on a daily basis. Our mantra at the Ananda Ayurveda Retreat Villa is that natural ways to boost immunity are the most ideal approaches. 


Ayurveda suggests that while undergoing treatments one should be vegetarian and food should be healthy , freshly cooked and easily digestible. Fresh organic food contains the maximum natural vitamins No preserved food or artificial coloring is used in any of our Dishes. Absolutely no cream or nut paste is used and just the right amount of oil is used, only what is essential for the body and mind. 


The yogi sees life as a triangle . The Physical body undergoes Birth, growth, change, decays, and Dead.
And death. The growth period reaches a plateaus at about the age Of eighteen –twenty years. In the youthful period the rate of cell Rejuvenation exceeds the rate of cell decay In am average person The body maintains an equilibrium of these procurers from the Age of twenty until the age of thirty five. Then the decaying or Catabolic process, begins to take precedence and the body starts It’s decline. This process later results in old age with it’s Accompanying ills and despair. The ancient sages developed an Integral system to word off or retard the decaying or catabolic Process and to keep the physical and mental faculties strong. This Is the system of yoga. The system of yoga is simple, natural Program involve the five main principles.

1) Proper Exercise – Asanas
2) proper breathing – Pranayama
3) Proper Relaxation – Savasana
4) proper Diet – Vegetarian
5) Positive thinking and meditation

Proper exercise arts as a lubricating routine to the joints, muscles, Ligaments, tendons, and other parts of the body by increasing Circulation and flexibility. Proper breathing aids the body in Connecting to its battery the solar plexus, where tremendous Potential energy is stored. When tapped through specific yoga Breathing techniques (pranayama) the energy is released for Physical and mental rejuvenation. Proper relaxation cools down The system. When the body and mind air continually overworked Their efficiency diminishes. Relaxation is the natures way of Recharging the body. Proper diet provides the correct fuel for the Body, of food, air , water and sunlight is essential. Positive thinking And meditation puts you in control. The intellect is purified. The Lower nature is brought under conscious control through Steadiness and concentration of mind. 

My name is Pablo (Spanish) and I work with Ananda Ayurveda Retreat.
I am also a yoga teacher and Ayurveda therapist.

I have been living in India for more than 14 years, and in one of my travels I Discovered the Ananda Ayurveda Retreat while I was in Kovalam.

They are professional people , all the team is highly trained, they know Ayurveda really well.

The villa is so Beautiful and cares in detail, and it really makes you feel like you Are at home.

My work with Ananda Ayurveda Retreat is to promote their work and places in Other countries. If there is a group I sometimes go to Ananda Ayurveda and Teach Yoga .

This is a bit about myself , Please if you have any enquire or doubt don’t Hesitate in contacting me at the follow :

Love and Peace.

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