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Is there treatment for weight loss in Ayurveda ?

Ayurveda says that obesity is the accumulation of excess fat in the body. In Ayurveda food is considered as the great medicine. We should consume a well balanced diet which can strengthen both the body and mind. Let the diet be anything, but it should protect health and prevent disease. When consuming too much quantity of food and too little movement of body leads to obesity. Some foods become hard to digest if eaten in large amounts at the wrong time or together with other certain foods. They weaken the agni and disturb the doshas and create blockage and damage in the tissues. This undigested food or ama disturbs the digestive process in the body. In Kerala, Ayurveda treatment for weight reduction is a multidimensional approach.

Is there treatment for weight loss in Ayurveda


The Kerala Ayurveda treatment for weight loss includes fasting, healthy diet, various ayurvedic treatments and consuming ayurvedic medicines. In addition to that yoga and meditation are included in the daily routine. Easily digestible fruits and cereals, soups and salads are included in the diet. Fried, seasoned and fermented foods are avoided. The diet is designed as per the body nature of the patient. Diet varies for vata, pitta and kapha nature. Ayurvedic treatment package for weight loss includes full body massage with herbal ayurvedic powder, oil massage and steam bath. All these treatments melt down the fat deposited in different parts of the body.

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People with obesity should practice maximum number of surya namaskar everyday. Bhujangasana, dhanurasana, naukasana and tree pose are usually practised for obesity. All these asanas will help to melt down the body fat and improves health in a long run. Meditation and chakra healing will help you keep a mental balance. Medication for weight reduction should be done by the advice of an ayurvedic doctor. In Kerala Ayurveda treatment for obesity, all the procedures are done under the supervision of an ayurvedic doctor. Garcinia cambogia, triphala, brahmi, fenugreek seeds, cardamom, pepper, kalonji seeds, guggul are used in weight reduction in Ayurveda.


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