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How to get online medical visa for doing Ayurveda treatments in India?

Foreign nationals can now get medical visa for Ayurveda treatments to be carried out in India.

We are offering the Medical Certificate to prove the necessity of treatment and other documents to support the Medical Visa application for our guests.

The below information will be helpful for those who would like to visit our Ayurveda Retreat l through a Medical Visa. It is very easy to apply online and get the visa. We can assist you with visa

  1. We can organize free online consultation with our team of doctors, thereafter medical certificates can be issued according to the diagnosis by our doctors.
  2. If it is difficult to attend for an online consultation with our Doctors, you may forward the Medical Records and the medical issues to us to provide the Medical Certificate.
  3. We can also provide the Admission letter stating the accommodation confirmation of the client.
  4. Also, we can provide a copy of our Ayurveda Centre Registration Certificate to prove that they are coming for medical treatment.

Online visa to be applied on


Why The Ayur Villa is the right place for doing Ayurveda during the Covid time ?
The Ayur Villa is a family owned boutique villa with just 5 rooms and since it is a very small property we provide personalised Ayurveda treatments with no crowding. Highly rated wellness retreat in Kerala by the travellers in TripAdvisor. Located 400 meters away from the beach and far from beach crowds and can go to beach by walks when less people are at the beach. Rooms have enough distance from each other and have its own privacy with luxury. People working are vaccinated. Ayurveda and yoga are done at open spaces with free air circulation.

Which are best Ayurvedic treatments during Covid or post covid time ?

If you are staying long at home with anxiety, stress and needs relaxation, unwind and some inner healing to cure the body, mind and soul. We have packages for stress, body rejuvenation, panchakarma for purification, immunity, sleep disorders enhancing along with yoga, meditation and chakra healing. Energy levels can be improved by positive vibrations and rise the frequency by being on the beach and get more sunlight to produce melanin and the vitamin D. We also have music for meditation, improving relationships and prosperity.

Every one needs touching and the massages will improve the blood circulation and gives necessary relaxation for the body. Dhara helps to improve the quality of sleep. The food we eat is also important in keeping us healthy and happy. The vegitarian food and juices prepared are fresh and easy to digest will help in overall rejuvenation of the body mind and soul.

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